The services we offer:


Our sweeper crews are dedicated to making sure your center is the cleanest it can be. Their job expectations include blowing off sidewalks and making sure all exterior trash bags on the premises are changed. Using our Nitehawk hydraulic vacuum powered sweepers, Schwarze powered sweepers or PowerBoss Armadillo ride on sweeper, our crews get up the dirt and debris with the best equipment to get the job done.


Our portering crews consist of 5 day a week porters who are dedicated to a single center and porters who visit various centers 1 to 3 times a week. Our porters are also available on an as needed basis. The responsibilities of our porters vary depending on the needs of the center, they include but are not limited to:

  • Handpicking sidewalks

  • Wiping down trash cans

  • Wiping down exterior window sills and mullions

  • Bulk trash and debris removal

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing crew is there for the deep cleaning, hard to remove areas. Using an eco-friendly degreaser and a hot water pressure washer, we are sure to get the gum and dirt off most sidewalks. With bi-annual or quarterly pressure washing, your sidewalks will stay cleaner and be easier to maintain. Along with sidewalks, we are able to rinse awnings of pollen and dirt, and clean dumpster corrals of any dripping residue.


Our maintenance crews are able to perform minor projects and repairs. The following are some of the most common needs:

  • Small pot hole cold patching

  • Vinyl concrete curb and sidewalk repairs

  • Ceiling tile replacement inside tenant and vacant spaces

  • Fence install and repairs

  • Add or repair property identification signage

  • Add or replace parking lot signage, ex. Handicap signs, stop signs

  • Minor sheet rock repairs and painting

  • Vacant demo and clean outs

  • Vacant cleaning, ex. water in traps, remove cobwebs, clean windows

  • And many more tasks, just ask!

With many years of experience and resources, we can coordinate any major repairs and services with one of our many licensed contractors. This service allows us to be your one-stop-shop for all services and a single contact between multiple vendors, with only one bill to pay.

Let us schedule a locksmith to re-key a vacant space, an asphalt company for sealcoating and striping, an electrician for parking lot and exterior light repairs and replacement. We can contact a door company for new glass or if you have a tricky door that needs adjustment. Need a dumpster corral rebuilt or new concrete sidewalk poured? We can take care of those items for you.