Our Sweepers

Our Charlotte location has a combination of 10 Nitehawk Osprey and Raptor sweeper trucks, Schwarze SuperVac Updrafts, as well as a PowerBoss Armadillo parking garage sweeper. In Columbia, we currently have a Nitehawk Raptor and 2 Schwarze SuperVac Updrafts and growing to meet the needs of our customers. All of our sweeper trucks are equipped GPS tracking to keep our employees accountable for their location and time they are taking at each location to ensure accurate information for our clientele.

PowerBoss Armadillo sweeper:

Our recent purchase of the PowerBoss Armadillo ride on sweeper provides up with the opportunity to get into the tightest of parking garages. To meet noise and weight constraints the Armadillo ride on sweeper gives us the lightweight and lower emissions option we have been needing. 

The Armadillo features a large hopper which holds more debris for those bigger jobs. The rugged all-terrain access also allows the sweeper to go from the flat parking garage surface, over speed bumps and even onto sidewalks without an issue.

Do you have a parking garage with tight turns and low clearances? We have the sweeper that is perfect for your job!

Nitehawk Sweepers:

Nitehawk delivers the Raptor and Osprey sweepers on a new level. The Osprey is built on a GMC Sierra chassis allowing for a low profile and easier to maneuverability than conventional style sweepers. The Raptor is built on an Isuzu NPR chassis giving increased visibility and a larger hopper to hold even more debris from the larger centers.

"Since most sweeping is done in noise-sensitive areas, noise-level is extremely important. Our VFC Hydraulic System makes NiteHawk the quietest sweeper on the market. Our system’s low decibel level allows you to sweep in the strictest of environments, reduces noise pollution and provides a safer environment for customers and employees." (Quoted from Nitehawk)

Along with being the quietest on the market the single and dual broom systems allow for easy curb line clean up. After our drivers blow off the sidewalks, it is simple for them to get back in the truck and sweep the debris from the curbs.

We have the equipment to fulfill the needs of your retail shopping center.

Schwarze Sweeper:

The Schwarze SuperVac Updraft is a low profile sweeper placed on one of three chassis options, we chose the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V6. The Updraft runs a twin engine setup with a separate water cooled electronic fuel injection 31 HP auxiliary engine. By running a twin engine setup we are able to use the V6 engine for the regular driving to and from locations and the pony motor onsite to run the vacuum needed. This separate motor has proven to have great suction power to help up pick up the dirtiest of lots.

Also, "Our Schwarze WhisperWheels Fan technology, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and reduces noise levels by 70%" is a huge selling point.