Elite Maintenance Services began in 2005 in the Charlotte Metro market performing power sweeping services to commercial and retail property owners and managers. Within a short time frame those services expanded providing a wider variety of tasks to property managers in meeting their daily challenges. In 2015, we fully expanded our services from just maintenance in Columbia, SC, to a satellite office with a full crew of sweepers, maintenance workers and porters.

Our History

Our Experience
Our senior management team has more than 35 years experience in the property maintenance field. This experience is INVALUABLE in both our service delivery and our ability to pro actively solve our customers problems.


Our Customers
We service many of the nation's leading retail shopping owners and property management companies in the Charlotte and Columbia areas. We are proud of our rich history with our customers and will gladly provide you them as a reference to our ability to meet your requirements.



Our Services
Cleanliness and the upkeep of a shopping center are strong points that keep customers coming back to retail and commercial stores. Because those are so important that is why we offer parking lot sweeping, pressure washing, exterior day portering and general maintenance
Beside our hardworking day and night crews, we don't just sit in the office and wait for you to call, we get out on the properties. We make property visits to be the eyes and ears for the property managers. Whether the manager is local or out of state, they cannot always be onsite as often as they would like to keep up with trip hazards, bulk debris or other issues with a center. At Elite we walk your property, check the parking lot for pot holes, sidewalks for cracks, dumpster corrals for dumped debris, etc.
Our team works to understand your property maintenance expectations and to work with you to meet and exceed them, while staying within your budget. We deliver exceptional value and service with prompt communication on issues we identify or you ask us to check on.